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10 Best Vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs

Best Vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs
Best Vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs

Even though hundreds of different vacuum cleaners are available on the market, it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for you.If you are looking for comfort and efficiency, Surely you have thousands of doubts when you are thinking of buying a best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and rugs in 2021 we have prepared this buying guide for you.

The vacuum cleaner is a device that we use almost daily and it is important that it is comfortable and functional. How to choose the affordable vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and rugs?With the push of a button, your house is clean: that is its main virtue. They adapt to every corner of our home, leaving the floor clean completely, quickly and easily.

These vacuums often have features that allow you to overcome obstacles in the home and leave no corners uncleaned. And its artificial intelligence allows from sweeping, vacuuming and even scrubbing.

But, which is the one with the cheap vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and rugs? We have elaborated it trying to include articles as varied as possible, but choosing the best vacuum cleaner for office in 2021, that presents a great value for money. that is why we have collected a list of the best vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and rugs in 2021.and you can also check our selected list of the best vacuum cleaner for cat litter.

Best vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs in 2021

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1. Best vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs – [Karcher WD3]

The model is simple, but with a great suction power that gives it its 1000 W, a huge 17-liter tank and A + efficiency. That is precisely why it is a vacuum cleaner highly valued by those who have pets and want to keep the house free of hair.

Its great suction capacity takes everything ahead, that is why it is the vacuum cleaner that you would like to have for extraordinary cleaning , such as the storage room or the garage. It will also be useful for some outdoor work , in garden areas or similar.

Does that mean it is not a household vacuum cleaner? Not! It serves you at home. Although it is bulkier than other models , the carrying handle and four wheels make it much easier to move . It also has a “park” position to momentarily support the tube without having to bend down and then continue working.

Apart from the accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner, it should be noted that the brand’s catalog also offers various cleaning kits . With a special filter we can clean the ash from fireplaces or barbecues, as well as coarse dirt. It also has a blowing function, very useful for clearing floors that cannot be vacuumed, for example gravel.

  • Very cheap
  • Powerful
  • Cash for liquids
  • Its volume
  • Use consumables: filter and paper bags

2. Good vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs – [Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XL]

The Rowenta house proposal that is having great success this year , in its range of sled vacuum cleaners, is the Rowenta Compact Power Cyclonic XL Animal RO4871: a simple model but that more than meets what we ask of a domestic vacuum cleaner.

The 550W of power announced by the manufacturer is well used, with good performance thanks to its EffiTech motor .

It has a good suction capacity and does not normally cause some “suction effect”. In the event that it does, you can balance by opening the tab on the handle to let it lose some power.

Although it is not one of the quietest models on the market (75 dB), it is not particularly annoying while you are working either. In addition, its filter is capable of retaining up to 99.98% of dust

The device is in addition to cyclonic technology and is therefore bagless . Its tank is quite large (2.5 liters), practical for daily cleaning. Despite its almost 6 kg of weight, it has a more compact appearance than other similar models and is easy to handle , thanks to its two large rear wheels.

  • Good price
  • Powerful vacuum
  • Pretty long cable
  • It has a single power

3. Budget vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs – [Taurus Ultimate Lithium]

This Taurus does a good job in all fields and, although it does not reach excellence in any, for the price it has it can be considered more than enough.

Without a doubt, one of its strengths is the weight: only 2 kilos, which makes the Taurus Ultimate Lithium one of the lightest vacuum cleaners on the market , easy to handle with one hand.

It also includes a very practical extra: it has lighting on the motorized brush so that we can put it in dark areas , under furniture for example, and see well the dirt we want to vacuum.

Another interesting point: if the tube is removed, we are left with a comfortable handheld vacuum cleaner to use, for example, for car sofas; a functionality that other broom vacuums lack.

The power (22.2 V) is just enough. Maybe if we are going to use it for very demanding cleaning, it will be a bit short, but it is enough for the daily maintenance of a house . If you have pets, you may want to find a higher power.

  • Very light
  • Converts to handheld vacuum
  • Power something just to clean thoroughly

4. Affordable vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs – [Bosch Athlet Pro Power]

The Bosch Athlet is one of those with the largest capacity (0.9 L) in its range. It works without cable and its 28 V give it an autonomy of up to 65 minutes of use , something that is fulfilled by sucking in the minimum power; at medium power it can be about 40 minutes.

The suction response is very correct and even collects a certain size debris well. It also vacuums pet hair, albeit within the limitations of a non-high-end vacuum.

It handles well with one hand thanks to its 3.3 kg. Your deposit is enough for more than one cleaning day . A detail that is very comfortable is the articulated brush, which will allow us to slide the vacuum cleaner under the furniture and put it almost horizontal without having

To facilitate cleaning the mechanism, the brush rollers are removable . It is practical, although the round shape of the brush makes the hairs curl and removing them can be a bit cumbersome, especially if you have animals at home.

It also has a very practical sensor that turns on to warn us when the power of the air decreases due to the dirt in the filter .

  • Articulated brush for low areas
  • Good power
  • Pretty loud

5. Cheap  vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs – [Rowenta Air Force Serenity]

This vacuum cleaner responds perfectly to what is expected of it: a device of correct power with a very comfortable handling so that you do not get lazy to start cleaning.

It is a good choice for spaces whose maintenance does not exceed 70 minutes of autonomy given by its 25.2 V. The time for a recharge, of about 6 hours, is not the fastest , but nothing that cannot be solved with a little bit of planning.

Like other similar vacuum cleaners, it does not use a bag . In return, it has a tank with a medium capacity of 600 ml, which is easily emptied .

The handling of its 3.02 kg may be a bit tiring for us if the cleaning takes a bit longer. In return, the brand makes vacuuming easier thanks to a triangular-shaped brush that goes into all corners and we have a completely vertical and stable parking position that is wonderful.

  • Good price
  • Good autonomy time
  • Its 3.02 kg can become heavy if you use it for a long time

6. Recommended vacuum Cleaner For hardwood floors and rugs – [iRobot Roomba 605]

Roomba is already a classic of robot vacuum cleaners . It has been on the market for many years and has earned the trust of consumers because it offers reliable, efficient and durable devices.

One of the best-selling models is the 605, a basic that is presented as a very robust and durable device , capable of working on all types of surfaces.

It comes equipped with two brushes: the first picks up dirt, the second picks it up . A third brush is used to clean the edges . It adapts to all types of floors automatically, also carpets. And it looks like it does a good job with pet hair . When he’s done, he returns to base and recharges.

The operation is very intuitive . It does not need to be programmed, just press the “clean” button to start moving around the house, avoiding furniture and unevenness (such as stairs) thanks to its sensor system.

  • Technologically simple
  • Good suction capacity

  • It is not programmable

7. Bosch Relaxx’x

If you are bothered by the characteristic noise of vacuum cleaners , if you have a baby you don’t want to disturb or a skittish pet, you have an option that does what it promises.

With its 66 dB, the Bosch Relaxx’x is one of the most discreet models on the market . If you close the door, the next room will hardly know it’s working.

Filtering is another strong point. On the one hand, it has a 100% washable HEPA filter, so it saves us spare parts. On the other hand, the Bagless sensor is activated when the dust decreases the air flow and starts a self-cleaning of the filtering system .

The performance of its 700 W is good, with a suction power of 100 V that is quite effective even when vacuuming pet hair . It may be a bit short in the case of rugs , so if your house is carpeted you may be interested in a more specific vacuum cleaner.

It has a large tank, 3 liters, and is therefore a vacuum cleaner of a certain volume that will need a large place to store it . The brushes are also somewhat larger than in other models and together weighs 7 kilos, so it needs space.

  • Very quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Occupies enough

8. Karcher SE 4002

To all the advantages that wet and dry vacuum cleaners have , the Kärcher SE 4002 adds a very interesting functionality: it is ideal for cleaning textiles of all kinds: carpets, rugs, mattresses, sofas

For this, the tank has two 4 + 4-liter tanks, one for dirty water and the other for clean. It is not too much capacity, if the cleaning is long you will have to empty and / or refill to continue working.

You do not have the option of heating the water , but we recommend that you try to pour it hot and you will see how the effectiveness increases.For upholstery it is very practical . It has a 2-in-1 system that allows you to spray and vacuum in the same gesture , without changing the nozzle.

It is important to emphasize that as it has a lot of power , no less than 1400W, it is capable of removing a large part of the humidity. It does not leave fabrics one hundred percent dry, but drying certainly goes a long way.

Apart from this function, it is otherwise a high performance multipurpose vacuum cleaner both to work dry (for that we have to use a filter and bag) and wet, practical both inside the house and outside, in the garage or the garden.

  • Excellent for textiles
  • Good drying function
  • If you are only looking for a vacuum cleaner, there are other cheaper options

9. Philips Power Pro Compact FC9332

Without a doubt, if we talk about a quality vacuum cleaner, this is an option that you should consider, especially for its Powercyclone 5 technology .

Thanks to this technology, dust and air can be separated in one pass, in order to have much cleaner environments.Thanks to its triactive brush , a much more thorough cleaning can be achieved, thus preventing dust from escaping.

Its tank is designed to be emptied in a fairly hygienic way, and thanks to its rubber wheels it can be moved anywhere easily. It has a motor with a power of 900W, with which to suck any type of dirt easily.

Users who buy this model highlight that it has a “very good value for money”. They also highlight that it is a model that has great “suction power” as well as that it is very “easy to clean”. This model has a large number of positive user reviews, which makes it a totally reliable model.

10. Polti Forzaspira C110_Plus

If you are looking for a bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner that is cheap and offers good power this model should definitely be considered.

It is a vacuum cleaner that has 4 filtration phases with a completely washable HEPA filter , and that offers great results.Its design is quite light and compact, and offers high performance with its 800W of power , and AA energy efficiency.

It offers a large radius of action, which allows you to move up to 8 meters without having to change the power outlet. You can also regulate the power to adapt it to what you need for each cleaning cycle.

In general, the opinions that users have regarding this vacuum cleaner are quite positive, ensuring that it is a “highly recommended vacuum cleaner”. They also claim that it is quite “inexpensive”, which means that you can have a quality vacuum cleaner without having to pay a lot of money for it.

Buying guide

Tell the truth: you would love to keep your house clean on a daily basis, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend your little spare time on unrewarding household chores like sweeping.

Up date! Today’s vacuum cleaners are a true revolution . You will be amazed by what you can find on the market today: lightness, power, autonomy, connectivity.

Types of vacuum cleaners

How do you know what type of vacuum to choose? Good question, because there are not only many models, but very different ones , with a range of features that you will have to analyze.

1. Sled vacuum cleaner

We say that it is classic because its shape is the most familiar, but the renewal is also noticeable in the “traditional” vacuum cleaners .On the other side of the coin, they are heavier and handle worse .

Although they have wheels, the cable is sometimes a nuisance and you have to go pulling it and changing the plug when we vacuum the whole house. They also take up more storage space , which is especially important in small apartments.

2. Broom vacuum cleaner

They are also called upright vacuum cleaners . You recognize them because their shape mimics that of a broom . The dust container, as well as the motor, is usually in the central part, although some models accommodate it in the upper part, at hand height.

They are comfortable because the position in which we vacuum is much more upright and, therefore, more natural. If the machine is light we can even handle it with one hand.

3. Wet / dry vacuum cleaner

You will distinguish them by their particular shape, like a small bucket with wheels . They work with cable, plugged into the mains , and have a flexible tube followed by a rigid one finished in a brush, similar to sled vacuum cleaners .

What is its main advantage? It doesn’t matter what you put in front of them. These vacuum cleaners take it all and are therefore extremely practical. From fine dust to coarse residue, dry or wet dirt. They also spiran liquids directly .

4. Robot vacuum cleaner

Yes, they are those in the shape of a lentil that walk alone on the surface of the house “sweeping” what they find in their path. If your thing is to definitely forget about the vacuuming issue , what you have to do is delegate that function to a robot.

Although it may not seem like it, they have been on the market for almost twenty years . What happens is that since their incorporation represented a radical change in the very concept of aspiration (and, it must be said, they needed a margin of technological improvement and lower prices) we had to take time to assimilate that they had come to stay .


t will give you the measure of its suction capacity. In principle, a vacuum cleaner with more watts will have a higher efficiency . It’s what interests you, right?The power is what in principle tells us if the vacuum cleaner is going to have “strength” or not.

However, it is worth seeing if the manufacturer specifies what the suction capacity is . Depending on the brand, the power may be better or worse used. And beware that it affects electricity consumption .

2. Size, weight, mobility

The space you have to store your vacuum cleaner at home is a determining factor that will already limit your options. If you have little space, upright vacuums and robots are the best option

For a large house without storage problems you can consider more bulky models.And how much does it have to weigh? Like everything, it depends.

How big is your house? Do you have more than one floor or slopes? Keep in mind that moving the vacuum cleaner is work and weight counts . If you have to go up and down steps with a heavy vacuum cleaner, you may end up storing it in a closet so you don’t use it anymore, no matter how great a machine it is.


Without a good filter, a part of the dust that we aspirate will not end up in the tank, but will return to the air in the room, with which our vacuuming loses efficiency.You should know that some devices have HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particle Arrester).

It is an air filtering system that ensures a greater capacity to trap all the dust microparticles. And it ensures that the air we return to the room is clean, something essential for people with allergy problems.


Especially if you live in a small apartment, the sound of a vacuum cleaner running can be torture, so the number of decibels that the manufacturer marks is an important reference.

There are brands that put special emphasis on this point and have released silent models . Not that they don’t have sound, but at least they don’t look like a jet plane. Most likely, by closing the door you don’t even know that it is working.

 Battery and autonomy

In the case of cordless vacuum cleaners, it is a fact that you have to look at . The higher the voltage, the greater the autonomy . Although most of the models that you are going to find are above 20 V, note the same. We do not recommend buying below that.

The manufacturer will give you an estimate of the operating time. Keep in mind that it will always be an optimistic figure, that is, using the device at low power and in the best possible conditions. If you increase power, calculate that you will reduce the autonomy time.


This word has to be at the end of your search because it is fundamental. You have to find a vacuum cleaner that you are comfortable with.

That the handles to work are ergonomic, that the device moves easily, that you do not break your back every time you have to vacuum, that it has a comfortable handle to transport it, that you do not get lazy to take it out of the closet … Details of this type they will make your life easier.


After reviewing all these data, you should be able to determine which cheap vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors and rugs in 2021 .Each one of them needs a different type of vacuum, the important part is to find the one that fits best.Whichever vacuum cleaner you choose, you should take a look at our guide section so that you can find out the quality features that a vacuum of this type should have.


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